Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Trying Some New Meds

I keep a journal about E's health where I record when she starts to develop new symptoms or when she starts new medications.  I was looking back at it one day and noticed that she almost always has a runny/stuffy nose.  And then I started paying closer attention and realized I can't even remember the last time she breathed through her nose.  Over the counter meds have not been helping so I talked to her clinic to see if they had any other ideas.  We started a nasal decongestant drop and a nasal steroid spray to see if that will help.  We also talked about her snoring and decided it would be a good idea to see an ENT to find out if there is anything else going on in there.  So she has an appointment on Monday.

She started an antibiotic last week as well for a cough that she couldn't kick.  So we're hoping that with all of these added meds she will get some relief!  I will update again next week after her appointment.

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