Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sinus Problems

I've had concerns for awhile about E's constant runny/stuffy nose and snoring.  It got to the point where we knew it was time to dig further and figure out what the problem was, so we made an appointment with a pediatric ENT.

Right away he noticed several nasal polyps and sent us down to do a CT scan.  He told us we could either try to do it downstairs, or go to Children's and have her sedated if I thought she wouldn't lay still for it.  Luckily she was very cooperative and we were able to get some good pictures!  She's so easy going when it comes to doctor visits.

The CT scan confirmed that she has extensive sinus blockage.  

The picture below shows what the sinuses should look like in a healthy person.  All of the black areas at the top are aerated.  The sinuses and nasal passages should be black like this, showing that air is able to move in and out.

This is a picture from E's CT scan.  The grey color inside her nasal passage and sinuses shows that air is not moving through there.  They are filled with mucus and polyps.  So this is why she can't breathe through her nose!

We scheduled for her to have endoscopic sinus surgery in a few weeks to get rid of this mess.  I think she'll feel like a new person afterwards when she can finally breathe through her nose again!

Now...this is not something that we found during a routine check up.  I had to push for it.  I had to persist because I knew something wasn't right and I didn't feel like anyone was really hearing my concerns.  We had tried over the counter medicines, nasal sprays, decongestant drops, and nothing was helping.  It was time to look deeper.  So for any other CF parents that might be reading this, don't forget that you know your child best and if something seems off, keep pushing until you figure it out!

I'll update again after the surgery.  Please keep E in your prayers!


  1. Such a great mommy! Always pushing for answers!

  2. Our little one, Reese (5yrs old) is going thru the same thing!! Surgery June 4th! A bit nervous., But it's for the best! BEST OF LUCK!!

    1. That's when Emery is having your surgery too. I hope they both feel so much better afterwards!