Sunday, February 23, 2014

Independence and Enzymes

E has to take pancreatic enzyme supplements, or "enzymes" every time she eats in order for her body to digest food properly.  When she was a baby, we used to open up the capsules and pour the beads out onto a spoonful of applesauce.  She was very good at taking them!  So when she was about 15 months old we decided to try putting the whole capsule in applesauce to see if she would take it.  And she did!  After awhile, she started trying to do it all by herself.  She would put the enzymes in her applesauce pouch, swallow them whole, and then say "I did it!"

Well, lately she is becoming a little more opinionated and wants to do things her own way.  She went on an enzyme strike for about 3 days last week.  There was no way to convince her to take her pills.  She would swat them out of my hand, throw them on the floor, and tell me she didn't want them.  It was a rough few days!  I called her CF Clinic to get some advice and the nurse told me to try giving them in something new.  We could put them in ranch, ketchup, yogurt, pudding...basically anything she would eat!  And it turns out, a little more variety is just what she needed.  It also helps if I just set everything down in front of her without saying anything.  She doesn't want us to TELL her to do it!  It has to be her idea.  What toddler wants to be told what to do?