Friday, June 10, 2016

Clinic - 06/08/16 and Her First PFT

Emery had her annual clinic appointment on Wednesday where she gets a chest x-ray and labs done.  She's a pro at this chest x-ray thing, fortunately...or unfortunately, I guess.
Her lungs looked great and she even got to try doing a Pulmonary Function Test (PFT).  This measures her lung function and it's a test she will do each time we go to clinic so that we can keep track of any changes.

She is always so cooperative with everything the doctors and nurses ask her to do.  But the one thing she dreads is the throat swab.  Every time we go, they swab her throat to check and see if any new bacteria is growing in her upper airways.  It must have hurt one time because she absolutely will not open her mouth to let them do it anymore.  In fact, she bit a tongue depressor in half trying to clench her teeth closed and keep them from getting in there.  It took 4 nurses, 30 minutes, and lots of bribing with toys and cookies and anything else we could find to finally convince her to open her mouth and let them do it.  It was rough on all of us!  But instead of getting frustrated, everyone was so patient with her.  They listened, they explained things, one nurse got her throat swabbed just to show her how easy it was.  I can't even explain how appreciative we were that they did all of that.
After the throat swab fiasco, we were too drained to go get her labs done so we'll have to go back another time to do that.

She weighed 33.7 lbs which was about 1 lb less than she weighed last month, but since her BMI is good and she met her weight goal for the year, they weren't too concerned about the weight loss.