Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Don't Get Your Hopes Up

Why do people even say that?  Don't they know that the very next thing you will do is get your hopes up?  It's like saying "don't look down!"  Of course I'm going to look down!

On Monday they tested her Tobra trough level to make sure she didn't have too much of the medicine in her system.  High levels of Tobramycin can be toxic so it is important to monitor it closely.  Her level on Monday was 1.2 which is within the safe zone (under 2.0), but higher than Dr. R expected.  So he said we would test again on Wednesday.  He said that if the level is higher than 1.2 we would probably stop treatment and let her go home...but "don't get your hopes up!"

Now, obviously I don't want my baby to have toxic levels of antibiotic in her system but was there a small part of me that was hoping for a 1.3 so that we could finally get out of this place and go home?  Of course!  But when they checked it today her level was down to 0.8.  So.......we're still here if anyone needs us!

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