Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First Day In The Hospital

I knew this was going to happen but I really wasn't expexting it so soon.  I was preparing myself for a hospital stay sometime before she turned 2...not at 5 months old! But I've read enough about CF to know that when she wasn't responding to any of the oral antibiotics, the next step would be a hospital stay. 

We came in this morning around 11:00 and got her into a room. After they got her hooked up to all the monitors, asked us a million questions, and had us sign some paperwork, the respiratory therapist came in to do a breathing treatment and some chest PT. E was not a fan of the breathing treatment at all! After she was finished with that, her oxygen level went down so they had to put a nasal cannula on her to give her oxygen. 

Then they took her to get a PICC line put in.  I know those things are painful to have put in and it has to be extremely scary when you're a baby and have no idea what is going on, but she took it like a champ! She cried of course, but not near as much as I thought she would. And at one point she was even smiling at the nurses. Sweet girl!

Next they did a chest X-ray to make sure the line was in the right place. Then awhile later we had to go do another chest X-ray for something else. Finally around 5:30, they hooked up her IV and started her antibiotics. The first one she got was Tobramycin which she will have once every 24 hours. A few hours later she got Bactrim (orally) and ceftazidime through IV. E was so exhausted after such an eventful day that she slept right through her respiratory therapy tonight!  

Through it all she has been her happy, smiley self! And apparently they are talking about her at the nurses station because every time a new nurse comes in they say they've heard about what a good baby she is! I'm so proud of my girl for being so brave today.  She's been through a lot but you would never know it by looking at her.

Caught her mid-cough...

...aaand now she's happy again!


  1. So glad she is as happy as possible in the hospital. Hoping she responds to the meds and has a fast recovery. Sounds like she has some good nurses too!

  2. It's falioley from MC. I'm glad that baby E is getting the treatment she needs and is taking it like a champ!

    And so glad to find your blog, do you mind if I link to it on mine? www.divingintothewaves.com