Monday, September 17, 2012

First Round of Antibiotics

Well her list of meds has officially become too much for me to keep track of in my head!  Time to get organized!

On 8/31 E started coughing in the mornings and a little throughout the day.  She also had a pretty stuffy nose so I waited it out for 7 days to see if it went away and when it didn't I called the Clinic to talk to the nurse about what we should do.  It wasn't only the cough I was worried about but I could tell she just wasn't feeling well.  She was arching her back and crying quite a bit which for E is not normal.  She never cries!  The nurse decided to increase her dose of antacid and to go ahead and start her on an antibiotic that she will take for 3 weeks.  The antibiotic will knock out any bacteria that is lingering around in her lungs while she's sick.

So now her daily medicines are:
Cephalexin (antibiotic) 3ml 3x/day
Nizatidine (antacid) 1ml 2x/day
AquADEK (vitamins) 1ml 1x/day
1 Zenpep 10k capsule with each bottle
Chest PT 20 min 2x/day

While she wasn't feeling well I carried her around in the sling quite a bit.  I didn't realize it before this but she hasn't been much of a snuggler.  Usually she just lays right down and goes to sleep or plays happily in her bouncer.  But while she was sick she was happiest when she was laying up against me.  I loved having her fall asleep in my arms!

She's been on the antibiotic for a week now and she seems to be feeling better. I think the antacid adjustment helped too.  She's back to her happy self again and getting lots of work done with mommy!

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